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Wave of Titles Added to PS Greatest Hits April 6, 2010

Posted by maxfreund in PS3.
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So the Play Station Greatest Hits has gotten a recent face lift. The Greatest Hits catalog has been around since the Play Station 1, and has just been a way to re-issue great titles at a lower price. I have frequented the list when somehow a great title has slipped through the cracks, and I get the chance to play it for a discounted price.

That has happened once again.

Killzone 2, Infamous, and Resistance 2 have all been added to the list, and will be available for somewhere between 20 and 30 dollars each. All three are PS3 exclusives, and were released before I got my PS3. I was planning on getting Infamous soon, regardless of it’s price, but this recent price reduction will entice me to buy it sooner rather than later.

I guess what is surprising about this is Killzone 2 and Infamous were both released just about a year ago, and Resistance 2, not much more earlier. These are rather new games, and for them to be getting their veritable “curtain call”, with a last run at a boost in sales seems rather soon. I guess that just speaks to how many great titles are being pumped out each month.

Take just the first three months this year. Play Station has gotten: Bayonetta, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Dante’s Inferno, God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, and I am sure I missed a few.

With this flux in great games, it is no wonder publishers are trying to do anything to make sure gamers don’t forget about last year’s hit titles as well. If this means that come 2011 all the above titles will be only $30 bucks, count me in. There is no way I can spend 500 – 600 bucks every few months on games, and because of that I miss out on many games I want to play.

The Greatest Hits list is a wonderful way to help gamers out, and I hope the increased support continues in the near future.