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Total Digital Distribution Can Wait January 27, 2010

Posted by maxfreund in General, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360.
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I recently played through the delightful Pixle Junk Shooter, a downloadable title on PlayStation Network, and it got me thinking about digital distribution.

Most people agree that eventually all our digital content, be it movies, music, television, or video games, will be streamed via the internet to whatever device we are using. We already see this in some forms such as Netflix Instant Watch, Xbox Live, Play Station Network, Itunes, and many more. And I no qualms about downloading the latest blockbuster title rather than walking to a store and buying a disk, as long as the small games do not suffer.

Currently, the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade are filled with great small games. Quirky sidescrollers like Castle Crashers, deep and vibrant puzzle adventures like Braid, and enjoyable old-school-style shooters like Pixle Junk Shooter are given a place of prominence, and I fear if they were going up against the God of War IIIs of the world, they would be overshadowed.

Sure, the smaller price tag would allow them to get some traffic, but I fear it would be hard for the average consumer to sign onto Xbox Live, go searching for a game, and not help but overlook the smaller titles in favor of the latest blockbuster release.

This is why I enjoy the current setup of having major releases relegated to disk form, and the downloadable scene reserved for the indie titles. It gives both types of games a space of their own to shine, and I hope it remains that way for at least alittle while longer.



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